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Toddler Learning Folder

The toddler learning folder is a folder full of fun, hands-on,interactive activities that will teach babies from 12 months to 4 years of age. The activities include shape recognition, color recognition, sorting, language learning, learning numbers and quantity, days of the week, solar system, continents, visual discrimination, vowels, animals, and human body parts. Includes 24 educational matching activities.


Geography Activity Pack

Have children memorize all fifty states, their location, and their capitals in this fun, hands on geography pack. This is geared for 2-8 year olds/PreK-3rd grade. The activities are easy enough for a 2 year old to take on and challenging enough for an 8 year old to complete. These are fun, hands on, and motivating activities, ideas, and games for every day!


Early Learner Math Workbook

40 activities make up this workbook that start easy and progressively get more challenging teaching children number recognition, number order, shape recognition, counting, visual discrimination, patterns
and number quantity.  K-1st grade work simplified so that even a two year old can do the activities!

There are 50 activities, the activities cover beginning letter sounds, ending letter sounds, alphabet order, picture word match, letter recognition, Dolch sight words pre-primer,  and three letter words vowel learning   These literacy concepts are foundations needed for Kindergarten and First grade taught in a way that even a two year old toddler can do it!


Visual Discrimination Matching Pack

Visual discrimination is an important skill for your child to practice because it is necessary when they start identifying letters and numbers. A child with well developed visual discrimination skills is more likely to be successful at reading and writing.This pack includes 20 matching mats in order of difficulty. 5 beginner, 5 intermediate and 10 advanced mats. It will grow with your child, as your child advances they will be able to do more difficult mats.


Educational Downloads

Educational downloads with activities of Math, Literacy, visual discrimination, arts and crafts, puzzles, and much more!


Montessori Learning Activities

Montessori object matching activity for children ages 1-6. Includes two difficulty levels for readers and non readers. Excellent activity to promote language learning and visual discrimination! Great addition to your Montessori shelf!

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