Sorting magnetic letters pick two or four similar letters for added challenge

match the letters with tiles this helps with letter recognition download for free below and download brings files to make your own letter tiles!
Download here

Dolch sight word  mats  “see it and build it mats”- first 40 most used words in the english language, download here for free and use with letter magnets or letter tiles!
download here

take picture cards or flash cards you have at home and have them match the beginning letter sound with the magnetic letter, “t” for tree…etc..

Find objects around your house that match your picture cards and create an object matching activity

object matching activities, you can buy these at our store one side is for readers and the other side for non readers. It is a great language activity.

File Folder Game- Match the alphabet letters, good for letter recognition. You can download this for free
Download here

Animal matching mat for readers and non readers it brings two sides
Take index cards ad label with kitchen objects from your play kitchen and have the child match each object with the picture.

Sound Mats- have the child match letters with the beginning sound of each picture. Download for free.  The download brings the files to make your own letter tiles!
Download here

Download here


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