Inch Animals

for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade

Inch Animals are tools for teaching measurement, number concept, addition, subtraction, and pre-algebra… in a fun way! There are 6 animals, each measuring a specific length in inches. The bee is 1 inch, the turtle is 2 inches, the rabbit is 3 inches, the horse is 4 inches, the bear is 5 inches and the elephant is 6 inches. Just laminate and cut them out and you can measure anything! How many elephants long is your desk? How many turtles long is your pencil? Also included are 8 equation mats with a total of 24 equations ranging from easy to advanced. A rabbit plus a turtle equals what animal? An elephant minus a horse equals what animal? This is a unique and interesting way to teach basic math and measuring skills and is sure to keep your child interested and make learning fun!
Download now for $1.50
Includes 6 animals and 24 math equations
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