Geography pack

United States Geography Activity Pack

for Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Have children memorize all fifty states, their location, and their capitals in this fun, hands on geography pack. This is geared for 2-8 year olds. The activities are easy enough for a 2 year old to take on and challenging enough for an 8 year old to complete. These are fun, hands on, and motivating activities, ideas, and games for every day!
This United States Geography pack will aim to reach the following goals:
-help the child memorize the names, location, and the region of all fifty states
-teach state capitals
-help develop fine motor skills through puzzles, coloring and stickers
-help develop problem solving and the use of logic
-help the child understand that each region makes up a part of the United States and that the four regions make up the whole map
What’s Included in this Pack:
-Memorization technique for your child to memorize the names and location of all 50 states.
-United States region map. This map is divided into 4 regions and you place it on your wall piece by piece until the child learns all 4 regions and the map is complete. See pictures below, click to enlarge.
-4 Region puzzles for the 4 regions
-4 Region coloring pages for the 4 regions
-4 Region labeling pages for children learning the spelling of each state name
-50 Flash cards with state names and their capitals
-2 Coloring pages of the entire US, one with state names and one without
-Color by State activity
-State Abbreviations activity
-Sample schedule
-Ideas for other games and activities you can do to make learning fun and to make geography a part of your child’s every day activities!
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