Free Math Printables

Toddler Math
Counting frame with number tiles.
DIY beginning math activity toddler – 1st grade
Teach your Toddler Directions Game
Right, Left, Up, Down game DIY
Basic Toddler Math Activities level 1 
One to One correspondence, quantity, number recognition
Shape Flash Cards
Graphing rocks toddler math mat
Use this mat to graph rocks or other items around your home to teach math
Number 1-20 Bingo Cards
Great game for number recognition!
Car roll and park game mat
Roll the die and put the number of cars in each parking spot
Teach number quantity and number recognition

Apple Number Quantity Activity- Preschool/kinder/toddler
Activity to teach number quantity putting worms inside apples
Graphing Insects Number Mat
Math activity for one and two yr old toddlers- Graphing insects.
Place the insects on the leaves. One to one correspondence, n
umber recognition and number quantity practice.

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