Toddler Memory Activity

Memory work is very important to develop your child’s recall capabilities. Children are often presented with new information and given little time to make connections, understand the content and remember what they have been shown. Children who have good memory tend to do alot better in school, academics and daily life than children who have poor memory. This is because memory is the backbone for everything. Not necessarily because you understand something you will remember it in a test or in daily life. 
Understanding a subject matter is not enough, children should engage in memory activities that will lead to storage and retrieval of information from long term memory. Here is one memory activity you can try with toddlers 2 and up and even adults! Take picture cards, shuffle them and line them up by rows. You can start with a 6 cards then move up to 16. Start by turning one card over and then another to see if they match. If they do not match you turn them back over and try again. If they match you remove those cards from the stack and continue the game until all cards are matched. To download free picture cards for this game click here: download here

Paper plate colorful pumpkin activity!

Easy to make paper plate pumpkin art activity instructions:

                                     1) Get a paper plate and some orange paint

                                    2) Let the child paint the pumpkin, then air dry plate

                                    3) Once dry add the eyes and mouth. I cut out foam shapes for Jade which has adhesive tape on the back. You can cut out construction paper or foam and glue it as well.

                                   4) let the child add any final touches with markers or do-a-dot markers

                                                             The final product!!!!!